Energy Collective

August 28th, 2009

Energy Collective

At Energy Collective our drive is to improve the world by facilitating the change over to sustainable products and manufacturing. We feel the simple acts, such as using of biodegradable products and green materials, will continue the mindset change needed.  These daily acts will be a springboard propelling us toward the sustainable future. Please join us in this simple yet imperative process by making the switch to sustainable products.

Energy Collective believes that moving businesses and consumers towards sustainability can be achieved with products created from renewable resources that are equivalent or superior in performance from their non-renewable equivalents AND still be cost effective. Through our expanding network of innovative manufacturers producing high quality bio-sustainable products from PLA, PSM, Bagasse and other natural materials, we will help you source products off-the-shelf products or create custom-specifications for your special needs.

Energy Collective can also help you significantly improve your energy efficiency and reduce costs with alternate technologies such as LED Lighting and Solar Panels for your homes and businesses.

Whatever your sustainable and renewable needs may be, we can help.  Check back often or contact us now for an updated catalog of available products and services as we continue to expand our offerings.

We thank you for visiting our site and thinking about the future of our world.

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